How to write a job winning resume?

Let’s Understand What Makes a Great Resume.

Candidates still believe that a great resume means stuffing the resume with keywords, fancy terms, exaggeration of job descriptions, and listing as many skills as possible. Unfortunately over exaggerations and irrelevant information only spoils the CV and it makes it hard for the prospective employers to find out the relevant information and skill while shortlisting the best resume.

Concise and specific to the job are the most sought-after resumes; a resume must have relevant key skills, core expertise, on job achievements and must be free from the unnecessary keywords and fancy designs.

Check Job Description and company details

If you really want that interview call, always take time to customize your resume according to the job description. While some companies don’t share much information about the opening, others provide enough information about the required skills, experience, roles & responsibilities and expectations from a potential hire. Make note of all the relevant information that you can find and you can use them to create that outstanding resume.

Stay Relevant

You have read the job description, checked the requirement, and understood the basic guidelines, now you know if you are eligible for the position or not, if not, do not waste your time applying for it. Always apply to the positions that are relevant to your skills, experience, expertise and qualifications.

Highlight relevant & important keywords

Always feel free to highlight your most relevant keywords (Terms, Skills, Experience, Qualification, and Achievement) by making it bold. It’s always necessary to have the most of the demanded information on the first page. If you have multiple jobs dating back for a number of years, mention the most relevant one and always mention the current one first and then the last job and then others in that order

Font and Design

Your resume must reflect your professional side. To make it readable and well crafted, choose the fonts of at least 10-12 and make each block of your resume stand out from the others. Every information like your name, place, phone number or email ID have their rightful place at the center top or left or right of the resume depending upon the resume template you are using.

You can also replace objective with a brief summary of your experience, core expertise and achievements. Your next section could be a great place to mention the key skills in a tabled format. After that, you can move on to education section or employment section based on the requirement.
You can also mention the contact details of references or you can choose to invite your potential employer to ask for the references if needed. However, It’s always advised to not to mention the contact details of the references in the resume.

Cover Letter

If you are really good with words, consider writing a brief cover letter introducing your career history and other relevant information outlining your core skills, achievements and how you can be a right match for the position.

You can use the above tips in the article to write your own resume or you can choose a download ready resume template from and modify it according to your needs.